Wireless Networking Thrust:

Cyber Security Thrust:

  • Mathematical Modeling and Theoretical Foundation: Interference cancellation modeling and analysis, MIMO ad hoc networks, cognitive radio ad hoc networks, wireless energy transfer
  • Network Optimization: Large-scale, discrete and continuous non-convex optimization problems that arise from cross-layer optimizations involving advanced physical layer technologies
  • Algorithm and Protocol Design: Provably optimal and near-optimal algorithms, distributed algorithms and light weight protocols for wireless networks (e.g., ad hoc and sensor networks, multi-hop cooperative communications, opportunistic routing, network coding)
  • Wireless Security: security and privacy in wireless networks and mobile computing, cognitive radio networks security, cross-layer methods for security enhancement, location privacy
  • Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing: outsourced data privacy, search over encrypted data, computation outsourcing privacy
  • Security and Privacy in Cyber-physical Systems: e-healthcare systems and smart grid

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