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Toward Enforceable Data Usage Control in Cloud-based IoT Systems

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We developed PrivacyGuard, a data privacy platform that empowers data owners with full control over the access and actual usage of their private data by any data consumer.

Main Publication: Y. Xiao, N. Zhang, J. Li, W. Lou, Y. T. Hou, "PrivacyGuard: Enforcing Private Data Usage Control with Blockchain and Off-chain Contract Execution," ESORICS 2020, September 2020

Attack and Defense to Machine-Learning-Based System in VR Battlefield

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Main publications:

N. Wang, Y. Chen, Y. Hu, W. Lou, Y.T. Hou, "MANDA: On Adversarial Example Detection for Network Intrusion Detection System," IEEE INFOCOM 2021, May 2021, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

N. Wang, Y. Xiao, Y. Chen, Y. Hu, W. Lou, Y.T. Hou, "FLARE: Defending Federated Learning against Model Poisoning Attacks via Latent Space Representations," ACM ASIACCS 2022, May 2022, Nagasaki, Japan.

A Demo of Tracking, Control, and Optimization of Information Latency for Military Drone Swarm

Achieving Proportional-Fair Scheduling under 100 us for 5G NR